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Employeur : Université d'Orléans (Institut des Sciences de la Terre d'Orléans)

Intitulé du poste : Thèse en tectonique/pétrologie métamorphique/déformation expérimentale

Secteur d'activité : enseignement_&_recherche

Lien internet : https://www.isto-orleans.fr/recrutement/offre-de-these-geodynamique-2020/

Zone géographique : France Métropolitaine

Lieu : Institut des Sciences de la Terre d'Orléans (ISTO)

Ville : Orléans

Descriptif : Tthe topic of the 3-years PhD position opened at ISTO of Orléans is: “Phyllosilicate deformation and its effect on shear zone formation and fluid circulation in the upper and middle crust: an experimental study of the deformation mechanisms of mica-quartz assemblage”. The project will combine detailed microstructural and petrological study of the mica-quartz samples experimentally deformed under different temperature and strain rate conditions with the observation of naturally deformed samples. A major component of the project will be the characterisation of the deformation mechanisms of phyllosilicates, their dependency on chemical composition as well as the role of mineral reactions in strain accommodation. The project will include the use of multiple techniques, such as the new generation Griggs apparatus, SEM and EBSD, microprobe and TEM. Details on supervision, application procedure and deadlines are provided in the attached pdf document.

Date limite de candidature : 30/05/2020

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