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Secteur d'activité : Recherche enseignement

Employeur : Université de Rennes

Localisation : Rennes

Description :

Clusters of landslides triggered by earthquakes or storms not only supply large volumes of sediments to the river network, they also lead to a prolonged post-event evolution of the whole landscape. Indeed, these sediments are then transported downstream in a signal that lasts a few years/decades and lead to prolonged morpho-sedimentary hazards. A key aspect that governs the duration, amplitude and impact of these perturbations is the sediment grain-size distribution, which is postulated to be a function of the fracture geometry of the bedrock, even if this remains an open question. The objective of this project is to investigate the links between bedrock fracture geometry, the size-distribution of produced sediments and their feedback on the fluvial erosion efficiency of fractured bedrock. This will include novel methods to measure grain-size distributions,  analysis of 3D point cloud data and some numercial and/or experimental model of erosion and sediment transport. This subject will be part of the new FEASIBLe (Finding how Earthquakes And Storms Impact the Building of Landscapes) project led by Philippe Steer and funded by the European Research Council. The student/postdoc will be part of an international and dynamic group of early career scientisits in a team including geomorphologists, hydro(-geo)logists, geophysicists and geochemists working on surface and subsurface processes. The student/postdoc is expected to work mainly in Rennes but also to collaborate with colleagues in France and abroad.

Profil :

Candidates are expected to be trained in Earth Sciences and/or in (Geo)physics with preferably a solid background in Geomorphology, Rock Mechanics, Numerical Modelling and Remote Sensing. Ability to work in an international environment, to communicate and to write scientific papers are expected. Although prior knowledge of French is not mandatory, spoken and written English proficiency is needed. Visits to other institutions and field trips in France and abroad are expected.

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