Second edition of the EFG’s EuroWorkshop: Epithermal gold deposits of Western Anatolia

Second edition of the EFG’s EuroWorkshop: Epithermal gold deposits of Western Anatolia
Date : 17/05/2018
Date de fin : 18/05/2018
Heure : 09:00 à 18:00
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Second edition of the EFG’s EuroWorkshop: Epithermal gold deposits of Western Anatolia

After the success of the first EuroWorkshop on Geothermal Energy in Santorini, the second edition will take place in Çesme, Izmir (Turkey), on 17 and 18 May, 2018. The “EuroWorkshop on Epithermal Gold Deposits of Western Anatolia, Turkey” is co-organised by the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) and the Turkish Association of Economic Geologists (Maden Jeologlari Dernegi – MJD).

Turkey has become an attractive destination for gold mining companies, proudly taking the title of Europe’s largest gold producer. The initiation of full production of the first gold mine of Turkey at Ovacik (Bergama, Izmir) in 2001, has revolutionized the gold exploration and mining, and triggered many active gold mines to come into production.  This makes the country an ideal location for discussing gold mining in Europe.

The participants will gain an insight into:

-The regional geology, tectonics, magmatism, & metallogenic belts in the western Anatolia region of Turkey

-The epithermal gold-silver systems

-The geological framework, geochronology & genesis of low-, Intermediate and high sulfidation epithermal Au systems at the Biga Peninsula

-Exploration techniques and tools by industry for finding mineralization in western Anatolia, including geochemical analysis, ground geophysical surveys, & drilling operations

The EuroWorkshop also includes a field trip to the Efemçukuru Gold Mine on 18 May, 2018.

The European Federation of Geologists (EFG) and the Maden Jeologları Derneği (MJD), Turkish Association of Economic Geologists, will co-organise a EuroWorkshop on “Epithermal Gold Deposits in the Big Peninsula” in Çeşme (on the western coast of İzmir, Turkey) on 17 and 18 May 2018. The EuroWorkshop will have an optional Pre-Workshop Field Trip between 14-16 May 2018.

The EuroWorkshop 2018 aims to understand;

  • How the low, intermediate and  high sulfidation epithermal mineralization have been formed
  • Metallogeny and current understanding of the epithermal deposits
  • Success and failure on exploration and mining for epithermal deposits in Turkey

EuroWorkshops are a new form of professional training that EFG proposes to European Geologist title holders and other geoscientists. This new type of training activity will intensify the professional exchange of ideas and the contacts between geologists from all over Europe and will also strengthen the European idea within the family of geoscientists. The EuroWorkshops will also provide applied training for students and young professionals, offering special conditions for them. This way, young geologists will become familiar with the vision and mission of EFG, while EuroGeologists will have the chance to upgrade their knowledge and experience since the workshops are CPD certified.

The 75th EFG Spring Council Meeting will be held on 19-20 May, 2018 (for EFG delegates only).