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  • Séances, réunions, journées parrainées ou organisées par la SGF

    Séances, réunions, journées parrainées ou organisées par la SGF

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La Société géologique de France organise et parraine chaque année des réunions scientifiques & techniques. Elle  annonce également les manifestations scientifiques organisées par ses associations partenaires, celles des institutions internationales auxquelles elle est liée, ainsi que les réunions des associations avec lesquelles elle a signé un protocole d'accord :

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EGU Training School on "Geoheritage management: conservation, promotion and monitoring"

EGU Training School on
Date : 24/09/2018
Date de fin : 28/09/2018
Heure : 08:00 à 18:00
Manifestation organisée par une institution nationale ou internationale
EGU Training School on
The main objective of the training school is to present and discuss the geoheritage management topic, namely the conservation, promotion and monitoring of geosites and geodiversity sites.
The European Geosciences Union (EGU) is sponsoring partially or totally the travel and accommodation expenses to facilitate the attendance of young researchers. EGU grants application is open until 28th February 2018.
The training school is open to everyone worldwide involved with any topic related to geoheritage and aiming to know more about these subjects. However, it is especially addressed to early career scientists (35 years old or younger) and undergraduate or postgraduate students (who obtained her/his highest degree qualification within the last two years). 
It comprises 4 full days of lectures and discussion at the University of Minho and 1 day of fieldwork in a Portuguese UNESCO Global Geopark. The lecturers are internationally recognized experts on geoheritage and management.
This is the first training school of its kind sponsored by EGU. It is organized by the Institute of Earth Sciences (pole of the University of Minho) with support from ProGEO (European Association for the Conservation of Geological Heritage) and from the International Association of Geomorphologists "Geomorphosites Working Group".



Location: University of Minho, Braga (Portugal)