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Congrès des doctorants - Journée emplois en Géosciences

Congrès des doctorants - Journée emplois en Géosciences
Date : 15/03/2017
Date de fin : 15/03/2017
Heure : 09:00 à 18:30
Manifestation où la SGF sera présente
Congrès des doctorants - Journée emplois en Géosciences

The Jobs in Geosciences day connects PhD students with the corporate world, providing a means of information and networking in the business sector, as well as insight into the opportunities available to them in industry.

PhD students are often under the false impression that their [finely honed] skills are irrelevant and of little value in the global marketplace. The Jobs in Geosciences day is incorporated into the PhD Student Conference as a means to provide students with the resources necessary to not only fully realize that their skills are a precious commodity in industry, but to discover that professional work in non-academic environments can engenders the same growth and enhancement of skills that is found in academic. This realization is accomplished through lectures and discussions with professionals in fields such as petrology, seismology, environmental studies, natural hazards, etc., providing students with insight into how the skills they have acquired through their academic endeavors (research, teaching, and the like) can be applied and expanded outside academia.

The 2017 Jobs in Geoscience day, starts in the morning with a series of lectures highlighting employment possibilities in industry and academic institutions. The morning session closes with testimonials by alumni of the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences, who will be sharing their experience(s) and giving advice on professional matters. In the afternoon, our FORUM session allows students to meet with members of various companies for one-on-one discussions. This will be followed by training workshops (in late afternoon) aimed at informing students on transferable skills, as well as the role(s) of PhDs in modern companies. See below for an itinerary of the day’s events.

The organizer committee of the 'Jobs in Geosciences' day.


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