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    Séances, réunions, journées parrainées ou organisées par la SGF

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2nd workshop - VOLCANIC PLUMES Observation, modelling and impacts

2nd workshop - VOLCANIC PLUMES Observation, modelling and impacts
Date : 20/01/2017
Date de fin : 20/01/2017
Heure : 09:00 à 17:30
Réunion/séance spécialisée de la SGF
2nd workshop - VOLCANIC PLUMES Observation, modelling and impacts

2nd Workshop
Volcanic plumes : observation, modelling and impacts

Friday 20 January 2017
SGF - 77 rue Claude Bernard - 75005 PARIS


09:30 Welcome at Société Géologique de France

10:00 Pierre Briole, Laboratoire de Géologie de l’ENS: “Introduction”


Session 1: Observing volcanic plumes (Chairman: Pasquale Sellitto)

10:10  Elisa Carboni, Uni. Oxford: “Measuring volcanic emissions using satellite thermal infrared spectrometry” [Abstract]

10:30 Stefano Corradini, INGV: “A Multi-platform approach for volcanic ash detection/retrieval and eruption characterization” [Abstract]

10:45 Giuseppe Salerno, INGV: “Ground based sensing of volcanic gas” [Abstract]

11:00 Marcello de Michele, BRGM: “A new satellite-based method to measure the volcanic cloud top height: the Plume Elevation Model. Exemples on Holohraun (Iceland) and Mount Etna (Italy)” [Abstract]

11:15 Coffee break

11:30 Mathieu Gouhier, Observatoire de Physique du Globe, Clermont-Ferrand: “HOTVOLC: an open-access webGIS platform for real-time volcanic plume monitoring” [Abstract]

11:45 Sebastien Payan, LATMOS: “On the use of hyperpectral infrared imagers for studying volcano plumes: IMAGETNA campaign and first results” [Abstract]

12:00 Damien Vignelles, LPCEE: “A miniature particle counter (LOAC) under meteorological balloons for the study of the volcanic plume height and particle fluxes near the vent” [Abstract]


Session 2: Modelling volcanic plumes (Chairman: Tjarda Roberts)

12:15 Julien Jumelet, LATMOS: “Microphysical modelling of volcanic plumes using a high-resolution transport model/Comparisons against groundbased and spaceborne lidar data” [Abstract]

12:30 Tommaso Galeazzo, LATMOS: “Modelling volcanic sulphates: numerical modelling of isotopic mass-independent fractionations in tropospheric sulphates” [Abstract]

12:45-14:30 Lunch break

14:30 Thibaut Lurton, LPCEE: A simulation of the 2009 Sarychev eruption using CESM1(WACCM), and comparison with in-situ data and satellite measurements [Abstract]

14:45 Sylvain Mailler, LMD: Circumpolar transport of volcanic ash plume with CHIMERE : the case of the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle eruption (June 2011) [Abstract]


Session 3: Impacts and feedbacks, at regional to global scales (Chairman: Bernard Legras)

15:00 Anita Cadoux, Institut des Sciences de la Terre d’Orléans: “Atmospheric impact of the Bronze-Age ‘Minoan’ eruption of Santorini Volcano” [Abstract]

15:15 Erwan Legendre, LATMOS: “Volcanic sulfates influence on Mexico city” [Abstract]


Session 4: Perspectives and new multi-disciplinary directions (Chairman: Pierre Briole)

15:30 Tjarda Roberts, LPCEE: “Small sensors in volcanology: perspectives from the VOLTAIRE Labex and ANR-STRAP” [Abstract]

15:45 Pasquale Sellitto, LMD: “The EtnaPlumeLab (EPL) research cluster: advance the understanding of Mt. Etna plume, from source characterisation to downwind impacts” [Abstract]


16:00-17:00 Session 5: Round Table (Chairman: Pierre Briole)

Invited speakers: Elisa Carboni (University of Oxford), Giuseppe Salerno (INGV Catania) and Stefano Corradini (INGV Rome).

During the workshop an exposition of a photo-reportage of the EPL-RADIO campaign (held on July 2016) will be freely accessible at the historical building of the École Normale Supérieure, 45 Rue d’Ulm (100 m from the workshop location). Please find the photo-reportage also on GEO magazine.


One of the photos of the exposition

The workshop is supported by the Société Géologique de France, the Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, the Department of Geosciences of ENS