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    Séances, réunions, journées parrainées ou organisées par la SGF

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La Société géologique de France organise et parraine chaque année des réunions scientifiques & techniques. Elle  annonce également les manifestations scientifiques organisées par ses associations partenaires, celles des institutions internationales auxquelles elle est liée, ainsi que les réunions des associations avec lesquelles elle a signé un protocole d'accord :

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Réunion Technique de la SPWLA France Chapter : Formation Testing and Sampling

Réunion Technique de la SPWLA France Chapter : Formation Testing and Sampling
Date : 05/03/2021
Date de fin : 05/03/2021
Heure : 12:00 à 14:00
Manifestation organisée par une association partenaire à la SGF

SPWLA France Chapter
Section française de la SPWLA “Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts”



Webinar Lunch & Learn technical session

with 2 presentations on

“Formation Testing and Sampling”


Friday,  March 5,  2021 , 12:00  - 14:00 CEST (Paris)


Benefits of real time follow-up of WFT & DST sampling operations by fluid specialists by Jessica BARBAGELATA and Christophe TREMAUDANT, TOTAL, Engineer Specialist Reservoir PVT.


Sampling of hydrocarbons and non-hydrocarbon fluids in sensitive exploration/appraisal wells can become very challenging in presence of unexpected or complex fluid configurations.

In open hole, this needs to be tackled with an adapted tool string configuration but also with a certain knowledge of fluid properties and behavior in the area.

In cased hole, surface sampling during DST operations, can be the only chance for quantifying trace elements (Hg, As, H2S, R-SH..) prior field development. Results need to be closely monitored in real time by fluid specialists to ensure no doubt is left after shutting the well.

In the presentation, we will show, with some practical examples, how the participation in real time of fluid specialists from operating company (end users of PVT data) can add value to the entire process.

Bio of presenters :

Jessica Barbagelata acts in the remote reservoir fluid Acquisition Team of Total, providing continuous operational follow-up for affiliate decision making during open hole sampling and well tests on sensitive exploration/appraisal wells. She has been working in the ”Reservoir Thermodynamic Studies and Synthesis” team of Total HQ since 2016, after an operational experience of 4 years in Total E&P Italia. She has experience in hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fluid sampling, modeling and thermodynamic synthesis.

She holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering from Genoa University Polytechnic School, Italy and a MSc in Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering from IFP School, Paris.


Christophe Tremaudant acts as head of the Reservoir Thermodynamic Studies and Synthesis entity and as fluid acquisition specialist. Christophe spent 11 years abroad in reservoir engineering, Nigeria, Norway, Libya and Canada. He holds a MSc in Petroleum Engineering from IFP School, Paris.



Recent developments in Wireline Formation Testing technology and products by Hadrien DUMONT, SCHLUMBERGER, Reservoir Technical Director, Reservoir Performance


The presentation will cover some of recent wireline formation testing developments and new products. The first part of the presentation is centered on new hardware, new metrology and wellsite efficiency including remote operations; the second part of the presentation will be focused on digital planning, digital products, real time insights and asset performance derisking.

Bio of presenter :

Hadrien Dumont is a Wireline Reservoir Technical Director with Schlumberger, based in Paris.

Previous positions held in Schlumberger for the last 20 years include Field Engineer in Norway, Kazakhstan, and Malaysia and Reservoir Domain Champion in Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Indonesia, and the

United States. He has coauthored more than 50 technical papers and has co-invented more than 40 patents and applications.

He holds a master’s degree in mining engineering from Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium and a master’s degree in petroleum engineering from Institut Francais du Pétrole, France.



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