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GeoBaikal 2016: From East Siberia to the Pacific – Geology, Exploration and Development

GeoBaikal 2016: From East Siberia to the Pacific – Geology, Exploration and Development
Date : 22/08/2016
Date de fin : 26/08/2016
Heure : 00:00 à 00:00
Manifestation organisée par une association partenaire à la SGF

The European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers invites you to take part in the 4th International Conference GeoBaikal 2016 which will take place in Irkutsk, Russia from 22 to 26 August 2016.

The conference is geared towards a wide range of geoscience professionals whose activities are associated with the Asia-Pacific region.

The conference will include a 2-day unforgettable geological field trip to the Minor Sea of Lake Baikal.

Call for Abstracts
Please have a look at the topics and submit your abstract before the deadline of 1 May 2016. The Call for Abstracts is already open!

Geological Field Trip
EAGE together with the Institute of the Earth’s Crust SB RAS will organize a 2-day geological field trip within the framework of the GeoBaikal 2016 conference. Participants will benefit from a first-hand experience of the unique geological structures of the West Baikal area, learning the history, origin and development of Lake Baikal while exploring interesting geological objects, such as examples of folding, rupture zones, the results of ice and karstic activity.
Field trip participants will be provided with transfer from Irkutsk to the Minor Sea of Lake Baikal and back, accommodation and food.

Registration will open in March 2016. However, registration fees are available now in First Announcement.

GeoBaikal 2016 offers excellent sponsoring opportunities. Please review the sponsorship brochure for the full listing of these opportunities, please refer to www.eage.org or contact us at gbk@eage.org.