Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 2012, t. 183, n°4

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Août 2012
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ASATRYAN G., DANELIAN T., SAHAKYAN L., GALOYAN G., SEYLER M., SOSSON M., AVAGYAN A., HUBERT B. L.M. and VENTALON S. – Radiolarian biostratigraphic constraints for latest Jurassic - earliest Cretaceous submarine volcanic activity in the Tethyan oceanic realm of the Sevan ophiolite (Armenia) (7 figs, 4 pl.)

BRAGINA L. G. – Radiolarian biostratigraphy of the Perapedhi Formation (Cyprus): implications for the geological evolution of the Troodos Ophiolite (2 figs, 1 pl.)

CHIARI M., BORTOLOTTI V., MARCUCCI M., PHOTIADES A., PRINCIPI G. and SACCANI E. – Radiolarian biostratigraphy and geochemistry of the Koziakas massif ophiolites (Greece) (7 figs, 2 pl.)

DANELIAN T., ASATRYAN G., GALOYAN G., SOSSON M., SAHAKYAN L., CARIDROIT M. and AVAGYAN A. – Geological history of ophiolites in the Lesser Caucasus and correlation with the Izmir-Ankara-Erzincan suture zone: insights from radiolarian biochronology (5 figs, 3 pl.)

DJERIĆ N., SCHMID S. M. and GERZINA N. – Middle Jurassic radiolarian assemblages from the sedimentary cover of the Adriatic margin (Zlatar Mountain, SW Serbia) (3 figs, 3 pl.)

GAWLICK H.-J., GORIČAN S., MISSONI S. and LEIN R. – Late Anisian platform drowning and radiolarite deposition as a consequence of the opening of the Neotethys ocean (High Karst Nappe, Montenegro) (5 figs, 1 pl.)

GORIČAN Š., PAVŠIČ J. and ROŽIČ B. – Bajocian to Tithonian age of radiolarian cherts in the Tolmin Basin (NW Slovenia) (3 figs, 2 pl.)

KUKOČ D., GORIČAN Š. and KOŠIR A. – Cretaceous carbonate gravity-flow deposits from the Bohinj area (NW Slovenia): evidence of a lost carbonate platform in the Internal Dinarides (4 figs, 2 pl.)

OZSVÁRT P. and KOVÁCS S. – Revised Middle and Late Triassic radiolarian ages for ophiolite mélanges: implications for the geodynamic evolution of the northern part of the early Mesozoic Neotethyan subbasins (3 figs, 2 pl.)

TEKIN U. K., GÖNCÜOGLU M. C. and UZUNCIMEN S. – Radiolarian assemblages of Middle and Late Jurassic to early Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian) ages from an olistolith record pelagic deposition within the Bornova Flysch Zone in western Turkey (6 figs, 3 pl.)