Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 2011, t. 182, n°5

Septembre 2011
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BARROSO-BARCENILLA F., COMAS-RENGIFO M. J., DUARTE L. V., GOY A. and MARTÍNEZ G. –  A new genus of nautiloid in the Toarcian of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) (3 figs, 3 pl.)

FERNÁNDEZ-LÓPEZ S. R. – Taphonomic analysis and sequence stratigraphy of the Albarracinites beds (lower Bajocian, Iberian Range, Spain). An example of shallow condensed section (11 figs)

BENDELLA M., BENYOUCEF M., CHERIF A. and BENHAMOU M. – Ichnology and sedimentology of the "Argiles de Saïda" formation (Callovo-Oxfordian) of the Djebel Brame (Tiaret, Algeria) (6 figs)

ABIDI R., SLIM -SHIMI N., GASQUET D., HATIRA N.  and SOMARIN A. – Genesis of celestite - bearing cap rock formation from Ain Allega ore deposit (northern Tunisia): contributions from microthermometric studies (13 figs, 1 tabl.)

FERRIÈRE J., CHANIER F., REYNAUD J.-Y., PAVLOPOULOS A., DITBANJONG P., MIGIROS G., COUTAND I., STAIS A. and BAILLEUL J. – Tectonic control of the Meteora conglomeratic formations (Mesohellenic Basin, Greece) (9 figs)

LE ROY P., GRACIA-GARAY C., GUENNOC P., BOURILLET J.-F., REYNAUD J.-Y., THINON I., KERVEVAN P., PAQUET F., MENIER D. and BULOIS C. –  Cenozoic tectonics of the Western Approaches Channel basins and its control of local drainage systems (11 figs, 2 tabl.)