Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 2011, t. 182, n°2

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Mars 2011
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Thematic issue: Miocene - Pliocene geodynamics and paleogeography in the Mediterranean region : eustasy - tectonics interference. Dedicated to Georges Clauzon

CITA M. B. – Forewords

SUC J.-P., BELLIER O. and RUBINO J.-L. – Introduction : Miocene-Pliocene geodynamics and paleogeography in the Mediterranean region: eustasy – tectonics interference

RYAN W. B. F. – Geodynamic responses to a two-step model of the Messinian salinity crisis

Ambert P. – Messinian and Zanclean continental formations of the Montpellier region and their relevance to the geodynamic model of Georges Clauzon (1996)

MOCOCHAIN L., AUDRA P. & BIGOT J.-Y. – Base level rise and Per Ascensum model of speleogenesis (PAMS). Interpretation of deep phreatic karsts, vauclusian springs and chimney-shafts

CLAUZON G., FLEURY T.-J., BELLIER O., MOLLIEX S., MOCOCHAIN L. & AGUILAR J.-P. – Morphostructural evolution of the Luberon since the Miocene (SE France)

HIPPOLYTE J.-C., CLAUZON G. & SUC J.-P. – Messinian-Zanclean canyons in the Digne nappe (southern Alps): tectonic implications

POISSON A., ORSZAG-SPERBER F., KOSUN E., BASSETTI M.-A., MÜLLER C., WERNLI R. & ROUCHY J.-M. – The Late Cenozoic evolution of the Aksu basin (Isparta angle; SW Turkey). New insights .

VIOLANTI D., DELA PIERRE F., TRENKWALDER S., LOZAR F., CLARI P., IRACE A. and D'ATRI A. – Biostratigraphic and palaeoenvironmental analyses of the Messinian/Zanclean boundary and Zanclean succession in the Moncucco quarry (Piedmont, northwestern Italy)

LOFI J., SAGE F., DÉVERCHÈRE J., LONCKE L., MAILLARD A., GAULLIER V., THINON I., GILLET H., GUENNOC P. & GORINI C. – Refining our knowledge of the Messinian salinity crisis records in the offshore domain through multi-site seismic analysis

OBONE-ZUE-OBAME E. M., GAULLIER V., SAGE F., MAILLARD A., LOFI J., VENDEVILLE B., THINON I., REHAULT J.-P. and the MAURESC Shipboard Scientific Party. – The sedimentary markers of the Messinian salinity crisis and their relation with salt tectonics on the Provencal margin (western Mediterranean): results from the “Mauresc” cruise