Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 2009, t. 180, n°4

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Juillet 2009
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ÁVILA S.P., MARQUES DA SILVA C., SCHIEBEL R., CECCA F., BACKELJAU T. and DE FRIAS MARTINS A. M. – How did they get here? The biogeography of the marine molluscs of the Azores

DOJEN C. – Late Silurian and early Devonian Beyrichioidea from Gondwana and Perigondwanan terranes and their palaeobiogeographical implications

DROBNE K. and ĆOSOVIĆ V. – Palaeobiogeography of the Late Cretaceous to Paleogene larger Miliolids from tropical to subtropical sea belt (Neotethys to Caribbean)

JACOBS L., MATEUS O., POLCYN1 M.J., SCHULP S. A., SCOTESE C.R., GOSWAMI A., FERGUSON K. M., ROBBINS J.A., VINEYARD D. P. and BUTO NETO A. – Cretaceous paleogeography, paleoclimatology, and amniote biogeography of the low and mid-latitude South Atlantic Ocean

LANDAU B., MARQUES DA SILVA C. and VERMEIJ G. – Pacific elements in the Caribbean Neogene gastropod fauna: the source-sink model, larval development, disappearance and faunal units

LEGRAND P. – Faunal specificity, endemism and paleobiogeography: the post-glacial (Hirnantian-early Rhuddanian) graptolite fauna of the north-African border of Gondwana : a case study

PRASAD G. V. R. and SAHNI A. – Late Cretaceous continental vertebrate fossil record from India: Palaeobiogeographical insights