Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 2009, t. 180, n°3

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Juin 2009
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ALCOCK J.E., MARTÍNEZ CATALÁN J. R., ARENAS R. and DÍEZ MONTES A. – Use of thermal modelling to assess the tectono-metamorphic history of the Lugo and Sanabria gneiss domes, Northwest Iberia (8 fig.)

DENELE Y., BARBEY P., DELOULE E., PELLETER E., OLIVIER P. and GLEIZES G. – Middle Ordovician U-Pb age of the Aston and Hospitalet orthogneissic laccoliths: their role in the Variscan evolution of the Pyrenees (6 fig., 3 tabl.)

LEROUGE C. and BOUCHOT V. – Conditions of formation and origin of fluids for quartz-tourmaline veins in the La Châtaigneraie tungstiferous district (Massif Central, France): fluid inclusions and stable isotopes (5 fig., 1 tabl.)

MELLETON J., FAURE M. and COCHERIE A. – Monazite U-Th/Pb chemical dating of the Early Carboniferous syn-kinematic MP/MT metamorphism in the Variscan French Massif Central (9 fig., 1 tabl.)

MEZGER J. E. – Transpressional tectonic setting during the main Variscan deformation: evidence from four structural levels in the Bossòst and Aston-Hospitalet mantled gneiss domes, central Axial Zone, Pyrenees (6 fig.)

ROLIN P., MARQUER D., COLCHEN M., CARTANNAZ C., COCHERIE A., THIÉRY V., QUENARDEL J.-M. AND ROSSI P. – Famenno-Carboniferous (370-320 Ma) strike slip tectonics monitored by syn-kinematic plutons in the French Variscan belt (Massif Armoricain and French Massif Central) (8 fig., 1 tabl.)

ROLLAND Y., CORSINI M. and DEMOUX A. – Metamorphic and structural evolution of the Maures-Tanneron massif (SE Variscan chain): evidence of doming along a transpressional margin (9 fig.)

SCHULZ B. – EMP-monazite age controls on P-T paths of garnet metapelites in the Variscan inverted metamorphic sequence of La Sioule, French Massif Central (6 fig.)

TURRILLOT P., AUGIER R. and FAURE M. – The top-to-the-Southeast Sarzeau shear zone and its place in the late-orogenic extensional tectonics of southern Armorica (7 fig.)