Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 2008, t. 179, n°4

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Juillet 2008
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Thematic issue: Henriette LAPIERRE (Part 1)

MASCLE G. – Forewords

MASSON H., BUSSY F., EICHENBERGER M., GIROUD N., MEILHAC C. and PRESNIAKOV S. – Early Carboniferous age of the Versoyen ophiolites and consequences: non-existence of a "Valais ocean" (Lower Penninic, western Alps) (11 fig., 2 tabl.)

MUGNIER J. L., CANNIC S. and LAPIERRE† H. – The tholeiites of the Valaisan domain (Versoyen, western Alps): a Carboniferous magma emplaced in a small oceanic basin (10 fig., 4 tabl.)

BUSSIEN D., BUSSY F., MASSON H., MAGNA T. and RODIONOV N. – Variscan lamprophyres in the Lower Penninic domain (Central Alps): age and tectonic significance (8 fig., 3 tabl.)

CHAUVET F., LAPIERRE† H., BOSCH D., GUILLOT S., MASCLE G., VANNAY J.-C., COTTEN J., BRUNET P. and KELLER F. – Geochemistry of the Panjal Traps basalts (NW Himalaya): records of the Pangea Permian break-up (8 fig., 2 tabl.)

MAURY R.C., LAPIERRE† H., BOSCH D., MARCOUX J., KRYSTYN L., COTTEN J., BUSSY F., BRUNET P. and SÉNEBIER F. – The alkaline intraplate volcanism of the Antalya Nappes (Turkey): a Late Triassic remnant of the Neotethys (10 fig., 3 tabl.)

MONJOIE P., LAPIERRE† H., TASHKO A., MASCLE G. H., DECHAMP A., MUCEKU B. and BRUNET P. – Nature and origin of the Triassic volcanism in Albania and Othrys: a key to understanding the NeoTethys opening? (9 fig., 2 tabl.)