2011 - n°4 - Seismic risk in regions of moderate seismicity: from hazard to vulnerability

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Août 2011
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Thematic issue: Seismic risk in regions of moderate seismicity: from hazard to vulnerability



BILLI A., FACCENNA C., BELLIER O., MINELLI L., NERI G., PIROMALLO C., PRESTI D., SCROCCA D. and Serpelloni E. – Recent tectonic reorganization of the Nubia-Eurasia convergent boundary heading for the closure of the western Mediterranean (10 figs, 1 tabl.)

DESSA J.-X., SIMON S., LELIEVRE M., BESLIER M.-O., DESCHAMPS A., BETHOUX N., SOLARINO S., SAGE F., EVA E., FERRETTI G., BELLIER O. and EVA C. – The GROSMarin experiment: three dimensional crustal structure of the North Ligurian margin from refraction tomography and preliminary analysis of microseismic measurements (10 figs)

LARROQUE C., DELOUIS B., HIPPOLYTE J.-C., DESCHAMPS A., LEBOURG T., COURBOULEX F. et BELLIER O. – Etude multidisciplinaire de la faille de Saint-Sauveur – Donaréo  (basse vallée du Var, Côte d’Azur) : Contribution à l’évaluation de l’aléa sismique dans la zone urbanisée de Nice (8 figs, 1 tab.))

Molliex S., Fabbri O., Bichet V. and Madritsch H. – Possible Quaternary growth of a hidden anticline at the front of the Jura fold-and-thrust belt : Geomorphological constraints from the Forêt de Chaux area, France (6 figs)

Baize S., Cushing M., Lemeille F., Gélis C., Texier D., Nicoud G. and Schwenninger J.-L. – Contribution to the seismic hazard assessment of a slow active fault, the Vuache fault in the southern Molasse basin (France) (9 figs, 3 tab.)

Pino N.A. – The analysis of historical seismograms: an important tool for seismic hazard assessment. Case histories from French and Italian earthquakes (11 figs)

JUSTER-LERMITTE S., FOURNELY E., LAMADON T. and JURASZEK N. – Learning from post-earthquake mission following the L'Aquila earthquake (13 figs)