2010 - n°6 - Geodynamics of the France Southeast Basin: Importance of gravity tectonics

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Décembre 2011
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Thematic issue: Geodynamics of the France Southeast Basin: Importance of gravity tectonics
Le Bassin du Sud-Est et l'évolution géodynamique du Sud-Est de la France: Importance de la tectonique gravitaire


LE PICHON X., RANGIN C., HAMON Y., LOGET N., LIN J. Y.,, ANDREANI L. and FLOTTE N. – Geodynamics of the France Southeast Basin (17 figs, 1 table)

RANGIN C., LE PICHON X., HAMON Y., LOGET N. and CRESPY A. – Gravity tectonics in the SE Basin (Provence, France) imaged from reflection seismic data (10 figs, 1 ann.)

GUILLOU-FROTTIER L., LUCAZEAU F., GARIBALDI C., BONTE D. and COUËFFE R. – Heat flow and deep temperatures in the South-East basin of France: Implications for local rheological contrasts (10 figs)

ANDREANI L., LOGET N., RANGIN C. and LE PICHON X. (2010). – New structural constraints on the southern Provence Thrust Belt (France): evidences for an Eocene shortening event linked to the Corsica-Sardinia subduction (11 figs, 1 tabl.)

MICHARD A., DUMONT T., ANDREANI L. and LOGET N. – Cretaceous folding in the Dévoluy mountains (Subalpine chains, France): Gravity-driven detachment at the European paleomargin versus compressional event (15 figs)

SUE C., CALCAGNO P., COURRIOUX G., TRICART P., FRECHET J. and THOUVENOT F. – Relationships between inherited crustal structures and seismicity in the western Alps inferred from 3D structural modeling (6 figs)

OUDET J., MÜNCH P., BORGOMANO J., QUILLEVERE F., MELINTE-DOBRINESCU M. C., DEMORY F., VISEUR S. and CORNEE J.-J. (2010). – Land and sea study of the northeastern Golfe du Lion rifted margin : the Oligocene - Miocene of southern Provence (Nerthe area, SE France) (9 figs, 2 pl.)