2009 - n°6 - Mechanics of Variscan Orogeny: A modern view on orogenic research (Part I). Special meeting of French and Czech Geological Societies, dedicated to Philippe Matte, Sept

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Novembre 2009
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PUTIŠ M., IVAN P., KOHÚT M., SPIŠIAK J., SIMAN P., RADVANEC M, UHER P., SERGEEV S., LARIONOV A., MÉRES Š., DEMKO R. and ONDREJKA M. – Metaigneous rocks of the West-Carpathian basement, Slovakia: indicators of Early Paleozoic extension and shortening events (4 fig.)

FAURE M., BÉ MÉZÈME E., COCHERIE A., MELLETON J. and ROSSI P. – The South Millevaches Middle Carboniferous crustal melting and its place in the French Variscan Belt (9 fig., 1 table)

GUILLOT S., di PAOLA S., MÉNOT R.-P., LEDRU P., SPALLA M. I., GOSSO G. and SCHWARTZ S. – Suture zones and importance of strike-slip faulting for variscan geodynamic reconstructions of the External Crystalline Massifs of the western Alps (10 fig.)

CLARIANA P. and GARCÍA-SANSEGUNDO J. – Variscan structure in the eastern part of the Pallaresa massif, Axial Zone of the Pyrenees (NW Andorra). Tectonic implications (7 fig.)

THIERY V., ROLIN P., MARQUER D., COCHERIE A., FANNING C. M. and ROSSI P. – Visean sinistral wrench faulting along the Sillon Houiller in the French Massif Central: Late variscan tectonic implications (13 fig., 2 tabl.)

EDEL J.-B. and SCHULMANN K. – Geophysical constraints and model of the "Saxothuringian and Rhenohercynian subductions - magmatic arc" system in NE France and SW Germany (8 fig.)

DUCASSOU C., STRULLU-DERRIEN C., BALLÈVRE M., DABARD M.-P., GERRIENNE P., LARDEUX H. and ROBIN C. – Age and depositional environment of the Sainte-Anne Formation (Armorican Massif, France): the oldest (Emsian) evidence for mountain erosion in the Variscan belt (12 fig., 6 tabl.)