2009 - n°1 - Proceedings of the 1st International Palaeobiogeography Symposium (part I), Paris, 10th to 13th of july 2008

Janvier 2009
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CANUDO J. I., BARCO J. L., PEREDA-SUBERBIOLA X., RUIZ-OMEÑACA J. I., SALGADO L., TORCIDA FERNÁNDEZ-BALDOR F. and GASULLA J. M. – What Iberian dinosaurs reveal about the bridge said to exist between Gondwana and Laurasia in the Early Cretaceous (3 fig.)

CAO N., BOURDON E., EL AZAWI M. and ZARAGÜETA BAGILS R. – Three-item analysis and parsimony, intersection tree and strict consensus: a biogeographical example

COSTEUR L. – Preliminary overview of regional endemism in European Neogene ungulates (4 fig., 2 tabl.)

HUDSON W., HART M. B. and SMART C. W. – Palaeobiogeography of early planktonic foraminifera (10 fig., 4 tabl.)

NELSON G. and LADIGES P.Y. – Biogeography and the molecular dating game: a futile revival of phenetics?

LÓPEZ-MARTÍNEZ N. – Time asymmetry in the palaeobiogeographic history of species (4 fig.)

PEREDA-SUBERBIOLA X. – Biogeographical affinities of Late Cretaceous continental tetrapods of Europe: a review (3 fig.)