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8th workshop of the ILP-Task Force on Sedimentary Basin

Following the successful meetings of the ILP Task Force on Sedimentary Basins held in Paris (2005), Québec (2006) and Morocco (2007), Ensenada (Baja California, (2009), AbuDhabi (2010), Tirana (2011) and Brisbane (2012) the 2013-workshop of this Task Force will take place in Marseille, France from 14-18 of October 2013.

The conference presentations and discussions will be held at the University of Aix-Marseille on October 16-18 and a 2-day pre-conference field trip (October 14-15) is planned.

We invite contributions linking deep and shallow processes in sedimentary basins of the Mediterranean region. The Task Force Sedimentary Basins of the International Lithosphere Programme promotes the dialogue between researchers studying the basin fill with those investigating the deeper structure as well as with those developing numerical and analogue experiments of processes that take place in basins. We welcome contributions analyzing the structure and physical properties of the basins as well as of their underlying crust and mantle as well as the interactions between deep earth and surface processes, i.e., thermicity, phase-transitions, fluid circulations and transfers, fluid-rock interactions and the implications of these interactions for basin dynamics.

The Mediterranean is a region with a large variety tectonic settings including passive, active and transform margins. Moreover the sediment fill was additionally influenced by salt tectonics. We particularly encourage studies that aim to decipher the superposed signals resulting from deep and shallow levels as for example influences induced by deeper lithospheric levels, by the presence of a decoupling salt layer or by migrating fluids of various compositions.

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